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The Romney traces its beginning to the marshy area of Kent in England. Its origin lies with the old, established dual purpose Romney Marsh breed which was improved with Leicester blood in the nineteenth century. Often swept with harsh winds and heavy rainfall, the Kent landscape is abundant with lush forage.
The long, lustrous fleece, hanging in separate locks, also makes a white or natural colored Romney fleece especially attractive to those who practice the ancient art of handspinning. The fleece is easily spun in the grease or after washing and carding, and readily takes dye. The natural black, gray, silver and brown colors of the natural colored Romneys are frequently among the most sought after fleeces at shows and sales.
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Romney Roving Wool Core Wool Batting Easy Felted Knits
Our Price: $0.13 Sold by the Gram
Our Price: $2.25 Sold by the Ounce
Our Price: $8.25
Romney Roving Wool Core Wool Batting Easy Felted Knits
  • This Romney Roving is sold by the gram and calculated at 28 grams per one ounce.
  • Romney is an excellent wool for needle felting, wet felting and spinning.
  • It felts quickly, and needle marks are less likely to show.
  • 30 Microns
  • This color is great by itself or when combined with other colors, can make unique projects.
This mixed Romney & Leicester Core Wool Batting is perfect for your needle felting projects.  It felts quickly!  It is super soft to the touch!   It holds shape beautifully. Easy-Does-It Series by Bead & Button Seven (7) projects, plus a Basics section to explain knitting and felting techniques.  Create a belt and headband set, purse, slippers or bracelet.  Learn to embellish felted work with beads or embroidery.  Part of the Easy-Does-It Series by Bead & Button.
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