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Sugar Push River's Edge Nixie Combo
Our Price: $5.25
Our Price: $6.75
Our Price: $10.00
Sugar Push River's Edge Nixie Combo
Fiber Dreams: These are absolutely lovely!  The stitch pattern swings back and forth around the cuff and hand, reminiscent of dancing the West Coast Swing dance step called the Sugar Push. This is a companion piece to Flying Lindy, as both designs use the same stitch pattern.  Stitch instructions are both written and charted. Pattern written in 3 sizes.  

Beautiful! And all you need is about 180 (210, 235) yards of fingering weight yarn for the three sizes of Small, Medium and Large (7" (8", 9").

Yarn: Fingering weight sock yarn.
Needles: US 1 (2.25 mm)
Gauge: 7.5 sts/inch in stockinette.
Finished size: Small [medium, large].
Notions: A short length of waste yarn and 2 stitch markers are required.

Fiber Dreams: River's Edge

At the river’s edge the water ripples, undulates, gently laps over shallow pebbles, twigs, and small fish, making lazy, swirling diamond patterns that are kissed by a glistening summer sun.

This crescent shawl starts with the lace edge, either long or short, narrow or wide. There are ten sizes to choose from, so the knitter can get just what is wanted from this simple diamond pattern. Choose size to knit based on lace length and inner edge dimensions. The last diamond rows begin the shaping that ends with garter stitch short rows, making what would be a wide rectangle into a pleasing crescent.

Finished sizes

3 reps of main stitch pattern
16 x 57/87, 16 x 57/98 [16 x 72/109, 16 x 79/121, 16 x 87/132] inches
40.5 x 145/221, 40.5 x 162.5/249 [40.5 x 183/277, 40.5 x 200.5/307.5, 40.5 x 221/335.5] cm

4 reps of main stitch pattern
20 x 57/87, 20 x 57/98 [20 x 72/109, 20 x 79/121, 20 x 87/132] inches
51 x 145/221, 51 x 162.5/249 [51 x 183/277, 51 x 200.5/307.5, 51 x 221/335.5] cm

Fiber Dreams: Nixie

One of my favorite ways of naming patterns is by running a naming contest. I always end up with something wonderful, often with lots of other fabulous ideas. This time the winning contestant thought the pattern looked like a mermaid’s tail, which made her think of the many myths and legends of river mermaids, sirens, water sprites, often referred to as nixies.

The Lorelei, a famous nixie on Germany’s Rhine River who lures sailors to their watery graves, gives her name to this cowl. Worked in the round with yarn held double, cowl works up quick as a wink to help keep winter’s chill at bay.

Melusine was often a much nicer nixie, building castles for her husband, but don’t disturb her in her bath, or you’ll be sorry. Fingerless mitts have the same pretty stitch on the back of each hand, while the palms are an easy twisted rib.

The Lorelei cowl and Melusine fingerless mitts are also sold separately..
Morning Glory Inflorescence
Our Price: $10.00
Our Price: $10.00
Morning Glory Inflorescence

Fiber Dreams: Morning Glory

I know you’ve heard this from me before, but morning glories are one of my all-time favorite flowers. When I was a kid we had a scattering of them out in our field, wild they were, and growing with abandon. Their small white blossoms so pure and simple. Many years later, when I moved to southern California, my breath caught in my throat the first time I saw the giant blue morning glories draping over rooftops, cascading over porches, and growing wild against chain-link fences along the side of the road. When I first saw it I fell head over heels with the morning glory knitting stitch. When knit flat it’s a complicated affair with yarn overs and both left- and right-leaning decreases on the wrong side rows, as well as on the front. This just wouldn’t do. I had to find a way to simplify the stitch without losing any of its beauty, so that more people could successfully knit it. The answer was plain: knit it in the round.

Both patterns, Moonvine and Sunspots, are knit with the morning glory pattern stitch. The needle size is the thing that changes, and gives both designs their own special something..

Fiber Dreams: Inflorescence

An inflorescence, according to Merriam-Webster, is a cluster of flowers on one or a series of branches, which together make a large showy blossom. Whether singly or in groups, I’ve always loved flowers. There’s something especially magical about a cluster, an inflorescence, on the plant. Some of my favorite flowers bloom in clusters: lilac, hyacinth, hydrangea, snowball, wisteria, foxglove, lantana (especially the purple ones)... I could go on. And on.

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