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Boye: Gauge 3 N 1 Lee Highlighter Flourescent Knitter's Pride: Row Counter Ring
Our Price: $4.25
Our Price: $5.99
Boye Gauge 3 in 1 Lee Highlighter Flourescent Knitter's Pride: Row Counter Ring
Boye Gauge is a handy tool that will help you know what needle size to use and how many stitches per inch you should get. It can also be used to count rows per inch. If you knit or crochet, this tool is a must-have! 3 In 1 Gauge- 1-Gauge check, 2-Needle & Hook check, 3-Yarn & gauge recommendations. Never get lost in a pattern again! Lee Highlighter tape is perfect for keeping track of rows of lacework and marking changes or stopping places for any pattern. Much like a highlighter, Highlighter Tape is transparent and makes it easy to isolate important information. Highlighter tape is removable and repositionable, so you do not leave permanent markings on a pattern. You can use the same piece of tape for an entire project, too! A removable alternative to permanent highlighter pens for use in books, documents, magazines, and reports. Highlight up to three lines of information on any paper without leaving a permanent mark.
Knitterā€™s Pride Row Counter Rings.
A Great jewelry piece, too!
Row Counter Ring:
Made from high quality Stainless Steel - coated using a special technology.
Available in four most popular sizes

17.5mm in diameter
No need to pick a second accessory - sits right at your finger to track your knitting pattern.
How to use:
Ideally to be worn on index finger or thumb
Push the required number band towards the center for easy rotation.

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