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N1016   "Wool Cool" Fitting Raglan Sweater
DCNM466677   (Book of) Fair Isle Knitting
DCNM420089   (The) Art of Crochet 4 Kids DVD
DCNM446330   (The) Art of Knitted Lace
DCNM162078   (The) Art Of Seamless Knitting
DCNM160484   (The) Best of Interweave Crochet
DCNM160482   (The) Best of Knitscene
61306   (The) Best Of Vogue Knitting
DCNM463074   (The) Big Book of Knitted Monsters: Mischievous, Lovable Toys
DCNM160877   (The) Complete Guide to Spinning Yarn
DCNM46329   (The) Complete Photo Guide to Crochet
2073   (The) Crochet Answer Book
NM418003   (The) Crochet Answer Book 2nd Edition
2074   (The) Crocheter's Companion
NM162074   (The) Crocheter's Companion Revised
DCNM316463   (The) Crocheter's Handy Guide to Yarn Requirements
DCNM361213   (The) Crocheter's Skill-Building Workshop
DCNM46333   (The) Divine Drop Stitch
DCNM160787   (The) Envelope, Please!
DCNM162330   (The) Essential Book of Crochet Techniques
DCNM386906   (The) Finer Edge
DCNM160191   (The) Fleece & Fiber Sourcebook
DCNM160652   (The) Great American Kid's Afghan
DCNM160651   (The) Great North American Afghan
DCNM160876   (The) Handknitter's Yarn Guide
DCNM274348   (The) Handy Book of Patterns
DCNM161939   (The) Joy Of Sox
DCNM162751   (The) Knitster
DCNM162363   (The) Knitter Knitting Masterclass
1928   (The) Knitting Answer Book
NM160883   (The) Knook Beginner Set
12737   (The) Magic Loop Booklet
DCNM162655   (The) Magic of Shetland Lace Knitting
DCNM162493   (The) New Crochet
DCNM409744   (The) New Stranded Colorwork
DCNM58622   (The) New Tunisian Crochet
2003   (The) Ohio Knitting Mills Knitting Book
DCNM46334   (The) Perfect Finish
DCNM33573   (The) Perfect Pillow
DCNM299638   (The) Prayer Shawl Ministry
DCNM161061   (The) Sock Knitter's Handbook
DCNM192510   (The) Stockings Were Knit
DCNM161833   (The) Very Easy Guide to Fair Isle Knitting
DCNM163286   (the) Zentangle Untangled Workbook
CloverHookG4.0   G/4.0mm
CloverHookH5.0   H/5.0mm
CloverHookI5.5   I/5.5mm
SSDK1159   1 Zee-2 Zee
NM395561   100 Flowers to Knit & Crochet
100HatsKnitCrochet   100 Hats to Knit & Crochet
DCNM245799   100 Little Christmas Gifts To Make
DCNM381207   101 Stitches to Crochet
33544   125 Projects
NM512696   150 All-Time Favorite Crochet Blocks
DCNM160670   20 Knitted Mug Hugs
NM1760483   200 Fair Isle Motifs: A Knitter's Directory
2017LYScrochet   2017 LYS Tour Pattern: Crochet Stained Glass Floral Scarf
2017LYSknit   2017 LYS Tour Pattern: Knit Stained Glass Slouchy
5501946   220 SW - 1946-Silver Grey
550844   220 SW - 844-Periwinkle
NM451564   24-Hour Baby Afghans
DCNM520093   25 Beaded Knits
DCNM526247   25 Cozy Crocheted Slippers
DCNM518413   30 Slippers to Knit and Felt
NM413104   400 Knitting Stitches: A Complete Dictionary
NM478997   48-Hour Afghans (More)
NM401152   50 Fabulous Crochet Squares
DCNM161820   50 Fabulous Knit Bobbles, Popcorns and Puffs
50GarterGifts   50 Garter Stitch Gifts To Knit
50-Knitted-Gifts   50 Knitted Gifts for Year-Round Giving
DCNM162090   50 Sunflowers To Knit, Crochet & Felt
KA6-1   6" - 1 US/(2.25mm)
48523   60 More Quick Knits
BK660TOYS   60 More Quick Knitted Toys
NM162084   60 Quick Baby Blankets
NM483887   60 Quick Baby Knits
60QKCotton   60 Quick Cotton Knits
NM524406   60 Quick Cowls
60QKFAYS   60 Quick Knits From America's Yarn Shops
NM162649   60 Quick Knits From America's Yarn Shops
NM163179   60 Quick Luxury Knits
Garden10Metallic70204   702-04 Cream with Gold Metallic
DCNM162757   75 Exquisite Trims in Thread Crochet
DCNM160782   75 Seashells, Fish, Coral & Colorful Marine Life
KA-3   8" - 3 US/(3.25mm)
KA-4   8" - 4 US/(3.5mm)
KA-5   8" - 5 US/(3.75mm)
KA-6   8" - 6 US/(4.25mm)
KA-7   8" - 7 US/(4.5mm)
KA-9   8" - 9 US/(5.5mm)
RivetingWorsted8107   8107-Pebble Denim
NM307365   99 Granny Squares To Crochet
NM162837   99 Snowflakes - Volume 2
DCNM470885   A Knitter's Home Companion
23727   A Little Bit Country
EK710   A Shapely Scarf
SSWW1051   A Star Is Born
DCNM401034   A to Z of Knitting: The Ultimate Guide
FT106LC   A Trio of Crocheted Bags
HJK50005   A Trio of Sachets
NM163169   A Walk In The Woods
FTCH21   A Warm Winter Dress
DCNM431213   A Zoo For You
54713   Acorn Hat
FTCH37   Acorn Hat
AATCH   Addi Afghan/Tunisian Crochet Hooks
AddiStraights8   Addi Aluminum Straights 8"
AddiClickBamboo   Addi Click Bamboo Set
AddiClickCrochet   Addi Click Crochet Hook Accessory Set
7981   Addi Crochet
32966   Addi Double Point Bamboo Needles US Size 0 (2.00 mm)
AddiFlipStixDP8   Addi Flip Stix DP 8"
SockRockets24   Addi Sock Rockets 24"
SockRockets40   Addi Sock Rockets 40"
AddiSwing   Addi Swing Crochet Hook
AddiSwings   Addi Swings Standard Crochet Kit
AddiTurboCIR12   Addi Turbo Circular 12"
AddiTurboCIR16   Addi Turbo Circular 16"
AddiTurboCIR24   Addi Turbo Circular 24"
AddiTurboCIR32   Addi Turbo Circular 32"
AddiTurboCIR40   Addi Turbo Circular 40"
AddiTurboCIRlace47   Addi Turbo Circular Lace 47"
NM320231   Afghans New Classics to Knit & Crochet
DCNM162695   Afghans On The Go
NM407428   Alex Shrinky Dinks Robots Roboter
NM075071   All Things You: Yarn Holder Tube Small
59677   Allhemp3-021Dijon
59678   Allhemp3-022Pumpkin
59680   Allhemp3-025DustyRose
34769   Allhemp3-029Licorice
59673   Allhemp6-012Classic
59672   Allhemp6-013Foggy
59671   Allhemp6-029Licorice
FTYFT1   Alpaca Cardigan
FTYFT2   Alpaca Pullover
22223   Alpaca With A Twist Socrates Sock Yarn
2026   Alter KNITS Felt
6011   Amaizing Corn Fiber Yarn
GU437   Amalie Top
6007000   Amazing Creatures of the Sea
2109   Amazing Crochet Lace
DCNM162491   AmiguruME
DCNM400620   Amigurumi Knits
DCNM161667   Amigurumi On The Go
DCNM465694   Amigurumi Toy Box
NM445157   Ammee's Babies: Baby Shower Crochet Edges
NM413078   Ammee's Babies: Fancy Crochet Edges for Baby
DCNM395638   Ammee's Babies: How to Crochet Left Hand
NM418407   Ammee's Babies: Lullaby Baby Edge
GL37EYE   Animal Eyes Shank 12mm Solid Black
NM249599   Animal Eyes Shank 18 mm Brown
NM219228   Animal Eyes Shank 18mm Solid Black
NM380728   Animal Eyes Shank 9mm Solid Black
KPS1306   Animal Hats
NM161781   Animal Hats
DCNM192564   Animal Hats To Knit
8434   Animal Knits
ANorlingPatt   Ann Norling Patterns
DCNM502692   Annie's 50 Tunisian Stitches
NM502687   Annie's Amamani Puzzle Balls
DCNM502267   Annie's Animal Amigurumi to Crochet
NM253955   Annie's Attic: Learn to Crochet Mosaic Hats
DCNM502257   Annie's Crochet Beautiful Baby Shoes!
NM253953   Annie's Crochet Learn to Crochet Linked Stitches
NM291620   Annie's Crochet Sweet Shoes
NM304982   Annie's Crochet: Learn to Cro-Tat
NM163374   Annie's Crochet: Learn to Tapestry Crochet
NM163375   Annie's Crochet: Reversible Afghans
NM502266   Annie's I Can Crochet
DCNM502259   Annie's Into The Jungle
NM502232   Annie's Knitting Sassy Knit Outfits
NM502685   Annie's Knitting: How to Knit Socks
NM502243   Annie's Learn to Crochet in Just One Day
DCNM502681   Annie's Learn to Tunisian Crochet
DCNM303747   Annie's Pineapple Pageantry Bowl
DCNM502265   Annie's Precious Baby Booties
DCNM526243   Annie's Precious Cocoons
DCNM502252   Annie's Silhouette Hot Mats
DCNM526237   Annie's Tundra Boots
NM502263   Annie's Victorian Lace Bedspread
DCNM526238   Annie's Whirlwind Shrug
2101   Annies' Attic: 2-Hour Dishcloths
2106   Annies' Attic: Knit 1, Purl 2 in Crochet
54714   Antsy Pants
BSApresVest   Apres' Vest
SSDK1084   Aquamarine
SSKIT1084   Aquamarine Kit
YNWMerinoAranSW562Beige   Aran Super Wash - Beige
DCNM42085   Around the World in Knitted Socks
61948   Arts & Crafts Collection 6
DCNM160106   Astounding Knits
KS203   Asymmetrical Wrap & Gauntlets
SK3221   Austermann Edition #13
3222   Austermann Edition #38
47099AustermannSHARI   Austermann SHARI
StepSockAloe   Austermann Step with Aloe
558   Austermann Wool
SKPA158A   Babalonia Ladies Raglan Pullover
BCC   Babe Cottonsoft Chunky
BabyBeanie   Baby Beanie & Mittens

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